Older posts (2014-2015)

3 score-raising ways to mortgage approval

5 unintended consequences of FICO credit scoring

5 ways for authorized users to protect credit

A 13-year-old unpaid debt could still come back to haunt you

Adding 30 points to your score in 6 months can be done

Adding new credit to bad history is good…to a point

Afraid closing cards will drop your credit score? Don’t be.

A good mix of credit experience is good for your score

A journey from the throes of bankruptcy to high FICOs

Accelerate FICO score rebuilding in 3 easy steps

Authorized user cards: not always a win-win.

Avoid over-managing credit utilization when in a debt management plan

‘Behavior score’: another way to measure creditworthiness

Beware of banker’s bad credit scoring advice

Can too much credit kill a mortgage?

Card utilization made easy: lower is better, and something is better than nothing

Check statute of limitations before paying collection debt

Close cards for the right reasons, not to help your score.

Closing many cards? Cancel with care to protect high score.

Credit longevity impacts FICO scores in multiple ways

Credit reporting errors about to kill your mortgage? Rapid rescore could save the day.

Credit union plays hardball with widower whose wife co-signed him on LOC

Debt-free = high score, despite Dave

Does it matter who closed your card or why?

Does your credit get pulled for a prequalified offer? Yes and no.

Done right, post-bankruptcy score can be a good one

Don’t ignore the impact of credit history age on your score

Don’t let special payment arrangement trash your score

Do student loans and $0 balance cards impact scores?

Father & son share name, erroneous collection

FICO credit inquiry ‘deduping’ process demystified

Financial & FICO balance transfer impacts

Fix that credit report if you can. Don’t worry if you can’t.

For a high limit, sometimes you just have to cross fingers

Give new card openings a rest for a FICO high achiever score

Go ahead, max out that card! No 7-year trail for balances.

High debt? Don’t plan high balance transfer.

How long does derogatory data remain on a credit report?

How student loans can be a better credit builder than credit cards

Is piggybacking on my brother’s credit card kosher? You bet!

Never heard from Verizon after cancelling. Now I’m stuck with a charge-off!

New to country, not wasting any time establishing credit

Now that collections are paid, how long till score rises?

Past mortgage remedies can impact future loans

Pay a bill before it’s due? Really?

Pay early, get a late fee. Sometimes you can’t win for losing.

Paying ‘outright’ isn’t the only way to steer clear of debt

Payment plans & some consequences of not paying

Plenty of obstacles to protecting comatose brother’s credit

Rapid-fire card ‘apping’ may pay in the long run, but cost in the short run

Reaffirmation of debt can help speed credit score recovery following bankruptcy

Rebuilding credit is like gardening, only better

Reduced credit utilization by 60%. Why no score increase?

Removing 6-year-old collection? Pay for delete or just let it fall off.

Retail cards: build your credit score and save 10 percent

Secured or unsecured card? To the score it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes it’s OK to sacrifice the score in the short-term

Tenant skips town. Landlord needs to track her down.

Think score will jump when baddie falls off credit report? Think again!

To pay or not to pay a time-barred collection debt

Torpedoing a mortgage can be easy to do. 5 steps to ensure you don’t.

Tread softly when a mortgage is at stake

True love: still together after wife runs up $10K bad card debt

Trying to get to the ‘800 Club’ or die trying

Turn that tax refund into a higher score

Using 401k funds to rebuild credit?

What happens to scores if Dad is removed as a co-signer?

What to do if the bank won’t talk to you as an authorized user?

What’s the rationale for ‘hard’ inquiries lowering your score?

When it comes to credit reporting, how late is late?

Where a payment goes when card balance incurs multiple interest rates

Why must the date your card balance is reported each month remain such a mystery?

Will moving balances from card to card help my score?

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